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    From The Desk of Julia Rot'gers;

    Just the other day I heard (for what seems like the 100th time) that another entrepreneur feels like she just does not know enough to get started.

    The worry and frustration over not knowing if you might need some "missing piece"... I know EXACTLY how that feels!

    I'm here to help if you're tired of standing in your own way and ready to get crystal clear on where you want to go with your business.

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    The Information Below Contains a your outline to the

    M.A.P. for success in your business.

    Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept it;

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    Step #1


    You've heard terms like follow your bliss, profit from your passions and finding your why.

    And it's true, knowing what you really want, at a deep level is important.

    It can be THE key to whether you stay motivated for the long term.... or not.

    But if you've ever done a clarity exercise or asked yourself why you REALLY want what you want but it still didn't stick, I'd like to give you a little different method to keep yourself motivated.

    Clarity and Vision (of the future) – When we talk about clarity

    we're looking into the future to see how you would like it to be.

    Sometimes this can be hidden and takes a little more than a question or two to get your ideal future to reveal itself.

    That's ok! In fact it's pretty normal to have to do some of these exercises more than once to get to the heart of what you really want.

    Unfortunately, life sometimes talks us out of going after our dream. It's easier to just go to work, pay the bills, keep our head down and not make too many waves.

    But sometimes does your heart ever long for more?

    One of the best ways I know to let your dream reveal itself is to ask some good questions.

    I want to show you an exercise that I call the Future Interview Technique.

    Imagine it is 5 years in the future and you have all you ever dreamed of;

    without letting any limitation of enough money or time constrain you, what do you see in your future?

    Now imagine that there has been quite a buzz about all that has happened to you and how it happened so fast! Because of this, a national radio station wants an interview.

    Keep imagining how proud you are of all you've accomplished and how happy you are to be right where you dreamed you'd be!

    While in this state of mind answer the following interview questions;

    • What did you do that was the most helpful on your way to success?
    • How did you overcome the things that got in your way?
    • If you could quickly map out the steps you to to get to your success, what would they be?

    When you answer these questions from the future success state of mind, your subconscious is stimulated to get you there.

    You might also get insight on the next step or steps you need to take to get to your dream.

    Personal Mission (in the now) – Your mission is the big thing that

    motivates you in the here and now.

    Rather than far out in the future, like your vision, this is how

    you can change the world around you – right now.

    Every one draws from a different motivation. Some of us will be motivated by what we do for our clients and what we bring to the world. Some are motivated by what their work provides for the people closest to them.

    You can be motivated by either or both!

    One exercise to help you find your personal mission is the 7 levels of why.

    While it can seem repetitive to ask yourself about the same thing multiple times, if you stay with it, you can get tremendous internal strength and motivation from knowing the real “why” behind what you want to do.

    Let's take what looks like a purely financial goal and go through a hypothetical levels of why;

    Question 1: What is it you want for yourself this year?

    Answer 1: I'd like to make $100,000

    Question 2: Why do you want to make $100,000?

    Answer 2: So that I can get out of debt and get a better car

    Question 3: And why is that important to you?

    Answer 3: I don't like having the burden of debt and my car is on it's last leg.

    Question 4: Why does the burden of debt such a bother to you?

    Answer 4: I don't want my family to be burdened with it if something were to happen to me and I want my family to have more.

    Question 5: Why do you want your family to have more?

    Answer 5: Because they are the most important people in my life and I want to help them achieve their dreams.

    Question 6: Why do you want to help them achieve their dreams?

    Answer 6: Because that would prove that I am a good husband and father.

    Question 7: And why do you need to prove that you are a good father and husband?

    Answer 7: Because when I can provide for my family and help them reach their dreams I feel like a success.

    You can see from this example that the goal of making $100,000 is not very motivating in and of itself.

    The sales pages try to motivate us with money, but in actuality, few people are motivated by the money – it's what the money can DO for their lives that motivates them.

    So knowing (in this example) that you are motivated by providing a wonderful life for your family and NOT but the money goal gives you something to focus on in the here and now that can keep you moving towards what is really important to you.

    Anchor your dream (in the physical) – The 3rd key in your motivation is

    to have a reminder of your dream in your physical environment.

    One of my favorites is a Vision Board.

    Vision boards are so much more than pasting a few pictures on a vision board.

    But if you have done the exercises above and are clear about what you REALLY want in your life, a vision board can almost effortlessly attract what you want into your life!

    Another great tool is a vision box. Similar to a vision board, you write out your dream and keep it in the box.

    Then place the box where you can see it.

    You don't have to read what's inside to be reminded of your dream.

    The last tool I want to give you in this section is a physical anchor, like a piece of furniture.

    I have a place on the stairs that's next to a window. The sun streams in on me in the morning as I sit on the steps and dream or journal.

    Because this is the place I go each morning,

    it's also become a physical reminder of my dreams.

    This could also be a favorite chair or place outside.

    The key is to relate the location itself with the goal you are wanting to achieve.

    You only need to find one or two tools that work for your personal style. Click here find a tool that works for YOU - get motivated and stay motivated!

    You're making great progress! Now on to...

    Step #2


    Activation is the step where you formulate your plan and find the action you need to take every day.

    It starts with a Clear Daily Plan

    that includes a Financial Blueprint.

    This gives you the steps you need to take every day when you wake up.

    No more guessing or starting over when life gets in the way.

    You have a clear plan and can simply follow the next step in line.

    The Future Interview Technique above will help you get started with the steps you need to take.

    It's also important and motivating to know where the money is coming from in your plan.

    People are often surprised how few clients they actually need to reach their initial financial goal.

    For example, if you want to leave your corporate job and replacing your income will take $5000/month. Here are a few ways that could break down.

    1 high level client a month at $5000.


    5 clients in a mastermind at $1000/month.


    10 sales of your home study course at $500.


    100 sales of a $50 product or service.

    Or and combination of products and services.

    You get the picture.

    And I know this is a simple representation of how the money could come in for you but that's the point.

    It is simple! We make it much too complicated and delay our results because of it.

    One way to do this is to -

    Reverse Engineering Your Goals

    For more information I'd encourage you to listen to a recording where I was working with a client who was getting ready to leave her corporate job and expand her coaching.

    If you are not in the same position, you can still apply the same thinking in your situation to reach your goal.
    You can access the recording and many more trainings on how to Activate your plan, here.

    The third part of the Activation Step

    is to Cultivate Time Abundance.

    One thing that can unconsciously stall us out is thoughts that we don't have enough time to do what we need to do.

    These can come in the form of;

    • I've started too late
    • I'll never catch up
    • There's too much to do

    Look at how society talks about time.

    It's as if we are in a contest to “beat the clock” crunch time – make sure we don’t waste it.

    We even say we are in a race against time!

    Time is a part of your lives, it is the one thing that we can not replace.

    So instead of fighting time, it needs to be embraced and enjoyed.

    The application of time abundance truly starts in your thinking.

    What is your expectation around time?

    Do you expect to run out of time, be short on time, arrive late, not get finished, etc?

    Pay attention to what you are thinking about time.

    When you entertain a lack of time mentality you send out that energy.

    If the energy says you don’t have enough then it’s like building a wall that keeps those things from you.

    When we move through the world with a mentality of abundance, we get a tsunami wave of every intention fulfilled, every desire met, every need completed.

    Like the quote by Paulo Coelho says

    “when you want something, all the universe conspires

    in helping you to achieve it.”

    2 steps down, one to go - Time to celebrate!

    Step #3


    When you think about whether you participate in your business or not, what do you think about?Participation goes beyond the planning and dreaming stages and gets you to put those plans into action!

    This is actually where you spend most of your time in a successful business.

    But it's not given near as much attention as making your plan and finding your dream.


    Because it can be tough to get that initial breakthrough so many will stop right before you reach your goal.

    I'll share many tools to help you break through your procrastination, here.

    To begin, I want to encourage you to be

    Honest About Where You Are Right Now.

    We are told so often to keep our eye on the prize and reach for our dreams that it's easy to see ourselves much farther along than we really are in our progress.

    Or you might identify with the reverse...

    You've convinced yourself or listened to others faulty input and think that you are not ready enough, that you do not have a gift to offer the world and that you just need to become more before you step out.

    Neither are completely correct.

    While it is always a good idea to be reaching higher for bigger and better things, you also probably know more and how to do more than you give yourself credit for.

    Imagine going up a set of stairs.

    These stairs take you from where you are to where you want to be.

    And it's only possible to travel up these stairs if you start on the step you are on RIGHT NOW.

    You can't start below your present step or above it. You have to be honest about where you are right now on the staircase.

    Once you acknowledge where you are (good, bad, ugly or beautiful) you can make progress.

    But if you are continually fooling yourself, there is no way to progress up another step because you can't reach it from where you Think you are, you have to get to the next step from where you Actually are.

    Then, once you are honest with where you are you can progress faster than ever! You can go up the steps 2 and 3 at a time!

    You must go through each step, but being honest about where you stand, right now is the place your progress starts from.

    This brings us to the next part of Participation in your business which is;

    Awareness of Your Roadblocks

    There will always be something that tries to get in your way.

    It would be nice if we could reach a level where there is nothing left to stop you, but the truth is, each level of progression in your business results in a new set of challenges.

    Because of this, it's very important to become aware of what is slowing your down.

    Someone from the outside, like a coach can be a big help with this.

    It's difficult to see what might be tripping you up and how to get around it when you are right in the middle of it.

    One way you can start to notice things that are becoming a roadblock to your progress is to keep a daily activity journal.

    Notice if there is a time of day or regular event that seems to throw you off track.

    Seeing what these things are is the first step to making a change so they don't keep slowing your down over and over again.

    The last idea I want to share with you is....

    How to Use Triggers That Could Throw You Off

    Keep You ON Your Path

    We are all triggered by something. Triggers are not bad or good, they just are.

    Over time our life develops habits and much of what we do is done unconsciously, almost like we are on automatic pilot.

    For example, are you ever “triggered” to grab a cup of coffee in the morning?

    Or your morning beverage might be water with lemon, tea or a smoothie.

    Whatever it is, (unless you are currently in the middle of trying to break a habit) you did whatever you did out of habit, because of an external trigger.

    The great thing is that you can change a so called “bad habit” into a “good habit” by using the same trigger!

    By taking the same trigger - but altering the resulting action, you can improve your life and integrate positive habits in a much easier way.

    Mission Accomplished!

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